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We like to think of our team as a probe always looking to search records and archives, meet with academic experts from universities, and Cherokee Elders who are tasked with passing on the traditions and knowledge they learned from their grandparents who learned from their grandparents.

Our goal is to identify legends as legends, traditions as traditions and historical facts as truth. When we hear things like “My uncle always said, I read in a 

We are relentlessly searching for buried treasures hidden in the musty vaults of archives and for the wisdom of the Elders...

left to right: Paige Tester, Anthropologist; Lamar Marshall, mapping and plat technician; Anita Finger-Smith, Professional Genealogist focusing on Cherokee genealogy; Robin Swayney, member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) and Genealogist and Archivist for the Museum of the Cherokee. 


Lamar Marshall, Research Director, Southeast Heritage

Above: The late Beloved Man and Tribal Elder, Jerry Wolfe, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians who was always willing to teach not only his people, but the outside world, what he knew about the history of the Cherokee.  He took us across Rattlesnake Mountain on Qualla Boundary along trails that his father took him when he was a boy and told us how old Cherokee trails were widened during the CCC days into Four-Foot Trails and later into some of the roads. He greeted tens of thousands of visitors in the front lobby of the Museum of the Cherokee in Cherokee, North Carolina


What we do

We search and find; we reconstruct historical landscapes; we graphically illustrate it all

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This work is presented to benefit the world and Cherokee people who are preserving their cultural heritage. It is a small supplement to the vast amount of foundations of research and history done by our peers and forerunners. We do not speak for or represent any tribe or Native American organization.

Historical Maps

Our website is a library of reference for students genealogists, historians both professional and amateur, and guide to some of the best books, historical map repositories, libraries, and archives in the world. In addition, we offer high quality products such as high-resolution maps for sale in order to fund our work.

Info-graphic Style of Presentation, Publishing: E-Books & Brochures

We believe in powerful graphics, maps and illustrations to maximize interest, impact, and quick learning. Great for impatient young people with short attention-spans who love apps and graphics. As the old adage goes "one picture is worth a thousand words."

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