The Historic Era 1600 +


This work breaks down historic Cherokee studies into very general and overlapping time periods in order to organize related maps and documents into chapters. It also simplifies information into an info-graphic style to meet the needs of the contemporary generation of smart devices with short attention spans.

Cherokee Chronicles Educational Website is an info-graphic book with reference sections, charts and galleries.  It is designed for students and adults and hopefully will spark interest and motivation for those to research, write and fill in the vast voids between the events and dates listed herein.

Contact with the expanding European (primarily British) colonies on the Eastern Seaboard brought mixed blessings and curses to the native peoples of North America who first “discovered” the continent thousands of years before Columbus, Vikings or other contenders for the historical first.

Advances in technology, time-saving gadgets, and factory goods introduced the European philosophies of materialism, consumerism, environmental destruction, and dependency on the credit system, not to mention the influx of rivers of rum and a slough of other self-destructive habits. Also introduced were European germs which killed several million people.


  1. The Cherokee Territorial Claim about 1650    –   The Cherokee Territorial Claim     
  2. The Ecology of the Claim    –  Cherokee Ecology
  3. The Geography of Trails and Towns of the Claim    –  Towns & Trails
  4. The Traders and Trading Centers that opened up the Claim   –    Indian Trade
  5. The Boundaries, Treaties and Land Speculation that devoured the Claim   –   Treaties & Boundaries
  6. The Wars that Defined and Enforced the Boundaries, Treaties and Power of Speculators   –  Cherokee Wars
  7. The 1817-1819 Treaties and Cherokee American Citizenship Experiment   –  Cherokee Citizens 1820
  8. The Era and Process Leading Removal 1824 to 1838  – 1824 to 1838 Removal
  9. Those Who Remained in the East: Qualla Boundary  –  1838 Those Who Remained